Easy ways to Invigorate your Office Surroundings
Simple Things You Can Do Today In Your Office to Avoid Repetitive Strain Injury
January 4, 2019
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Easy ways to Invigorate your Office Surroundings

If you work at a desk throughout the week, you should take an active role in making your surroundings accommodating to your needs and interests. After all, you probably spend quite a lot of time sitting there and it’s up to you to make it yours. In the process, you may even improve the workplace for other in employees too.


Add Some Greenery


Consider including a potted plant at your desk. Not only do they better the aesthetic setting of your desk, plants can actually increase happiness and productivity. As if this weren’t enough reason to get an office plant, shrubbery can also act as air purifiers




Insufficient lighting can lead to eye strain and headaches. Instead of relying on dim office lighting that may hinder your performance, try adding an extra lamp that is angled in a position best suited for you.


Tidy Up


Over time, if you’re not careful, paper, pens and empty coffee can build up at your workstation and cause unnecessary clutter. Take some time to clear your desk of all needless distractions. More open space will help you think clearly.


Fresh Aroma


Why not add a nice scent to your workplace? Oils, herbs and sprays can eliminate bad odours and make your time in the office more pleasant. Just make sure to check with your fellow employees first in case someone hates the smell of pine!


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